Event Photography with a Personal Touch















After I really got started in Photography, weddings were the biggest part of my business. I started doing only 2nd weddings, feeling that the bride and groom were less frantic and knew what they wanted for their party and their pictures far better, the “second time around.”

I got a reputation for specializing in the 2nd/3rd wedding business and I really enjoyed working with these couples.
Then I jumped into First Weddings! I like to start with the Rehearsal Dinner to get an idea of who everyone is. I also go to the place of the wedding some time the week before the service to check out the lighting and if possible talk to the officiator to know the policies of the church and what the minister/priest would expect from the photographer.

On the day of the wedding, I am at the house photographing the Bride and bridesmaid’s dressing with any mementoes that the bride will carry. I also take pictures of the wedding party with the bride, together and separately and any special family members who are at the house before the service.

I then do the same at the church with the groom, his ushers and his family. I follow a schedule I write with the bride so that I know the order of the day and do not have to bother her, her family or anyone else, while the festivities are going on.
I stay until the cutting of the cake and later if there is a special exit planned.
I am very organized with my schedule because there is only one opportunity to get certain pictures, posed and spontaneous and I have to be there.

I am part of the family for that one day. I respect that trust and I can deliver the images and memories of that day.