Event Photography with a Personal Touch

I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years. I always had a camera with me, and never thought about using the eye that I had for pictures and a career until a car salesman told me that I could buy a new car if I had a business and could write off a car as an expense. He asked me what I did and I said I was a wife and mother who took a lot of pictures and he said, “Start a photography business!” And I did.

I then went to school and learned aperture and shutter speed and printing and then learned it all again with digital. I attended the International Center for Photography in NYC and took classes at the Santa Fe Photographic Institute and the Anderson Ranch for the Arts.

Photoshop replaced dark room and gave me more freedom and options for graphic design accompanying my photography.

My specialty is people events, from children’s parties to weddings, charitable fund raising balls and small family reunions. Where the client needs a photographer to be unobtrusive and connect to the moment, that is where I fit it.

I can feel the spirit of where I am photographing and I can put the clients at ease with the camera and the time for the right picture. My style is gentle but I can take control of large and small groups and get them still so that moment is preserved forever.

Finding your joy and passion is a gift and I found mine through my photography.